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Do you have a studio?

No, and I don't ever want one! I absolutely love working and being outside and I have zero desire to ever be locked in a studio. I love the challenge of photographing outside. With that said, I do occasionally through up a back drop and shoot with natural light. Check out my toothless minis on instagram!


When is the best time of year for photos?

Late summer is the best for most consistent light/weather. Mid-August to Beg of September. This is a great time to schedule family & large family photos. 

Mid-October to Beg-November is the best for those gorgeous fall leaves!!! This is more of a "gamble" in terms of weather, the chance of rain is much higher, but the payoff for the gamble is also higher! 

What time of year is best for ME and MY personality?

Are you a control freak? Are you a nervous nelly? Do you worry a lot? Are you a perfectionist? Schedule your shoot for the summer months. July-Beg of September. The weather will be more consistent and there will also be time to reschedule if you don't get the perfect weather you want.

Are you a risk taker? Are you a gambler? Are you flexible? Easy Going? Then anytime of year is perfect for you. October/November you could get a big pay off for your weather gamble! 

Do you still want fall but you are a worry-wort/Control Freak? I can totally relate! Then do what I do: Control everything you can in your personal world: Your outfits, the props you might want, be on time. Then after that, release and let it be! 

What should I wear?

You can go one of two ways, pick clothes that you actually wear everyday for a more "authentic" session. OR dramatic flowy dresses and accessories like hats or scarves. As a photographer, I love both. I love the challenge of picking out clothes from your own closet. I also LOVE a dramatic outfit! 

But IRON those wrinkles out!!! They will show up in photos. 

When picking out clothes for a family: pick a print for one person and choose colors from that print. 3 colors is great. Textures and fun shoes or jewelry are nice details.

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